Google is developing an OS called “Fuchsia,”. But why?


Every single operating system developed by Google is based on Linux kernel. Linux is the life blood of Google. There’s a massive ecosystem of operating systems designed for embedded hardware, and Google may be working on their own. “Fuchsia.” Google’s own description for it on the project’s GitHub page is simply, “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new O perating System)”. They have not said anything about it.

First it is on Magenta kernel based on LittleKernel project. We only know that it has been developed to work on embedded devices, smartphone and desktop computers. It looks like Google is using Flutter for the user interface, as well as Dart as the primary programming language. Escher, a renderer that supports light diffusion, soft shadows, and other visual effects, with OpenGL or Vulkan under the hood. Shadows and subtle color reflections are a key component of Material Design, so it seems Flutter and Escher could be designed for the Material Design UI in mind.
There’s chance that Google hopes one day to replace Chrome OS and Android with Fuchsia. But there is always the possibility that this is simply a Google experiment, and may never see the light of day in a commercial product.


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