Ncell changes their Logo, part of new framework.


    Ncell one of the largest private telecom operator has changed their logo as the South Asian telecom giant Axiata acquires it. All of the operators that Axiata holds have yellow, blue and purple multi-colored ribbon like logo above the name, that logo will definitely add up to the current name Ncell. Ncell is currently removing hoarding boards in the capital city: Kathmandu. Once all of the hoarding boards are removed, they will be putting a new one with the new logo in one or two days.

    The company claim that following the acquisition, they have already started to use modern/ advanced/ efficient technologies for the expansion of their network and customers reach to communication. The company also assures its commitment to long term investment in the telecom sector of Nepal, providing connectivity to remotest places of Nepal, thus aiding in the development of the country.

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