Programming Syntax “Search Engine” For Coders


Programmers who are new are confused between Stack Overflow and Google to look up some syntax. Using Google to search syntax is not a bad thing for a programmer.

However, for those programmers who often need to do a Google search to look up some syntax here, we will be introducing a perfect Programming Syntax search engine that is specially designed for Coders.

SyntaxDB allows users to quickly look up the syntax for programming languages. SyntaxDB is designed for programmers who often need to do a Google search for their syntax needs.

Anthony Nguyen, a software developer, is a Computer Engineering and Economics student at Queen’s University in Kingston. He mentioned in SyntaxDB website that SyntaxDB’s goal is to become the world’s fastest programming reference.

The website is minimalist. Programmers just need to enter the name of the language, and it will eventually show up the suggestions. You will be given the short definition of the query as well as links to the official documentations.

For now, SyntaxDB includes information languages like Go Java, C, C ++, C #, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Swift. It also has integration with DuckDuckGo, Slack, and Visual Studio to make coding easier.

The website also talked about their future planning; they will write Write plugins for code editors, Triple the size of the database, Hook into services like Slack and search engines and will eventually let people contribute to the content.

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