There were days when Mobile Phones battery would last for weeks with a single charge. I can remember those Nokia days when i charged my phone once and forget it for days. But those days phones could only make calls, SMS and off-courser some snake gaming. As the technology advanced phones were capable to do much more then the traditional things. They can do complicated task, they have became portable computer. Unfortunately, the battery consumption has increased and they can’t keep up a device for a long time.

So, we brought this guide of simple 6 step to improve your phone’s battery life. Here we are not going to suggest you to use your phone less. we are here to provide you tips to decrease power consumption without making your phone useless.


Use auto screen brightness.

Display is the unit that consumes battery the most. So, one should always keep their screen brightness on auto, most of the phone has this feature. If your phone doesn’t have one then try to keep the brightness level to lowest setting possible. This mode uses less power than constantly running your screen at full brightness would.

Keep the screen time out short.

You can set your phone to auto turn off the display by using a timer. Under phone display setting you can find option like “screen timeout”. This feature controls how the phone’s display stays on from the last input it detects. If your screen timeout is currently set to 2 minutes, consider reducing that figure to 30 seconds or less. Keep it as low as possible for better results.

Turn off wireless radio.

By wireless radio, I mean you should turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS like settings when not on use. This features tends to consume much battery.

Don’t let Apps run on background.

We have a habit of just letting every thing running, we don’t put effort to close them. Running more apps on background needs lot of energy and tends to suck up a lot of juice. By killing apps that you aren’t actually using, you can drastically reduce your CPU’s workload and cut down on its power consumption.

Turn off Notification and syncing.

Notifications and background syncing aren’t necessary to use your phone, but the constant updating and displaying of messages consumes a good deal of energy. Limit your notifications to what’s actually important and keep automatic syncing to a minimum.

Keep battery cool.

Your battery will last longest if used near room temperature, and nothing harms a battery like extended exposure to high temperatures. While you can’t control the weather, don’t carry your phone in your pocket, where your body heat will raise its temperature. Moreover, check the battery while it’s charging. If it seems excessively hot, your charger may be malfunctioning, try to replace it or let the phone cool down.


What do you think of your tips on how to make your cell phone battery last longer? Pretty simple right? Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below.

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