As The device has still not been launched in Nepalese market and the device is facing some serious problems, it is likely that Samsung fans from Nepal needs to wait for a little longer then usual.

Samsung has delayed the shipment of its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. Shipments were already started, but unfortunately, when some users started claiming that their device battery exploded during charging the officials halted the shipment of Galaxy Note 7 for now. Samsung spoke person said to Reuters,

Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality.


On our previous post we saw the photos of exploded Galaxy Note 7 which were originated from china, and the user was using some USB Type C to Micro USB adapter, Several similar claims have been made by users on South Korea. Also Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first device from Samsung to feature Type C port, there might be some issues on the port itself. The new connector brings with it a new charging standard to which some third-party cables have been found to be non-compliant, causing damage to devices from laptops to smartphones using the new port.

Samsung has not exactly said about the problem that exists within the device, they just said they need to further expand the process of quality control. But lets hope that Samsung figures out the problems and start the shipments again soon.

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