Yesterday Nepal Telecom announced their night data packs, Just a day after they launched “Bihani Sandhya Data Pack”. Again this offer is for GSM mobile users. This data pack is named as “Shuvaratri” package, This package includes 500MB and 1200MB of data. This offer can be used by GSM mobile users from 11PM to 5AM, which is valid from 2073/05/18 to 2073/06/01.

500MB of data will cost Rs.40 and 1200MB of data will cost Rs.85 (excl. of tax), the validity will be 7 days and 15 days respectively. To subscribe type   SPECIAL(DATA)MB and send it to 1415.

The data volume and price is very attractive but the timing to use the data is ridiculous, I don’t know what NTC had on their mind that they kept the timing 11PM. People barely stay awake till that time and rarely wake up at 5Am to surf internet, At least they should have kept the starting time Around 8Pm. But, hey, smart people knows what to do with that data packs.


Are you subscribing to this data pack? let us know.

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