When you open your Removal drive and you find out all your files has been converted in to shortcuts. Probability is your drive is infected with virus. Hopefully, you can easily recover all the data, that data are present there but in the hidden state. Here we have brought simple step that you can follow to recover your files.

Connect the infected drive

Connect the USB or SD card that is infected by the shortcut virus to your computer. Open File Explorer’ and note down the drives letter of the infected device. In my case it’s drive ‘X’. Don’t open any folder or file that is infected or your computer might also be infected.

Open Command Prompt

Press ‘Windows key’  and ‘R’ at the same time, Run will show up now type ‘Cmd’ on the Run box and press Enter’. Now Command Prompt will open. Which looks like this.


Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.* and press Enter. Don’t forget to change the X with your drive letter that you noted. Congratulations your files has successfully recovered.

This process may take a while, depending how much data is on the drive. This will unhide the files, remove any read-only attributes, and remove the shortcuts. Now you can access the files and folder that were hidden.

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