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15 Useful Internet tools that should try everyone


1. ultralogout.tk – Log out of many sites at the same time.

2. focuslist.co – Plan your day and stay productive throughout.

3. my.teleport.org – A personalized checklist for the next time you move.

4. etrigg.com – Find upcoming events in your area.

5. dotepub.com – Convert any webpage into an ebook.

6. genyoutube.com – Download your YouTube videos.

7. moongiant.com – Track moon phases.

8. claimdog.com – Find out if a business owes you money.

9. fallingfruit.org – Find free fruit to harvest.

10. get.routes.guide – Locals plan the perfect day for you in their city.

11. magicplaylist.co – Get the playlist of your dreams based on a song.

12. showerti.me – Simulate shower sounds.

13. aftercredits.com – Find out what is playing after the credits.

14. breakfree-app.com – Curb your smartphone addiction.

15. searchcode.com – Search lines of code.

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