IOS, An operating system of Apple’s mobile devices, is now updated with version 10 i.e. IOS 10 and add many features like beefed up Messages app, redesigned Apple Music and Map app, richer notifications and better widget support. One of main reason that Apple is compelling its user to update to their devices to IOS 10 is that, it is comes with different security features so that users will be protected from getting hacked.

Although, Apple adds different features to their latest IOS version but you may not actually want to update. Here’s why.

#First Reason : It will slow down your iOS device.

Apple is offering iOS 10 from iPhone 5. So,if your device is older specially iPhone 5 ( which is already 4 years old) then it is found that it will take longer time to boot phone and lunch application than its original iOS version.

#Second Reason : Many Features Uses Much Memory

IOS 10 adds many different features like animation, GIFs and stickers so it takes much memory. It comes hell when you own iPhone 5c and you updated with IOS 10. So, be careful before updating iOS 10.

#Third Reason : It needs more swipes to perform tasks

The goal with touchscreen interface design should always require fewer steps. The new Control Center is one example where it takes more swipes to do something than in iOS 9. For instance, to access the music player controls, you now need to swipe one from the right. Before, it was all on one panel. Requiring more taps and swipes is the opposite of progress.

#Fourth Reason : May be your will hate changes

Many Apple user love previous versions of iOS . Since it contains many features and updates you may don’t want to update it.

So these are the some reasons why you shouldn’t update your iPhone version to iOS 10. But it also contains many good features . If you like this post please don’t forget to share with your friends.

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