We have seen the flexible display for a long time now but non of them are available for consumers now. We have looked at the displays from Samsung, LG, Lenovo etc. Now its time for Xiaomi, they are developing concept phones with flexible display that can bends in all direction according to recent leak.

Two different Images were leaked on Chinese social media Baidu – showing a flexible display that can be bent up, dpwn and left, right. Looking at the Images that was leaked has no any renders or marks of Photoshop use. So, the Images might be real and Xiaomi has built the device. We can’t tell of its real or not but looking at the Images it seems real or the guy who created might be very good at digital manipulation.


There are lot of difficulties and it costs a lot for mass production of flexible display even for the high-end devices. So, don’t get your hopes high now it will probably take lot of time until they come to mass production. For now let’s hope flexible displays makes out soon on consumer devices.

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