Android is the Open source Operating System which can be customized by any one to run on almost  any kind of devices because of these compatibility there any list of pros and cons. It is very difficult task to keep up such flexibility and bullet-proof security.

A new kind off Malware is discovered by security researchers at check point which is nicknamed “Gooligan”. This malware is often downloaded via external untrusted sources which then uses the Google credentials on older versions of Android to generate fraudulent installs of the apps.

Checkpoint mentions that Googlian has so far bleached and compromised more than one million Google Accounts and the no of infected devices is still rising rapidly. Gooligan “potentially” affects devices on Android 4.x and Android 5.x, which is bad news as joint, these versions have around 74% of market share now. Interestingly, 57% of the tainted devices are from Asia, which is not astonishing remembering the attitude of public towards security. North and South America joint has 19% of infected devices, the African makes up 15% and Europe contributes at 9%. Australia, strikingly, was not mentioned at all.


Check Point has a good number of applications that they have distinguished as being infected with this malware. So on the off-chance that you have any of the applications specified in the list installed on your device, there is a decent possibility your account was compromised. The infection of this Malware stretches out over to big business accounts too, so it won’t hurt to twofold check.

You can go over to his link to see if you are infected you just need is to input the email address and the result will pop.

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