Green Screen of Death

During the days of Windows 3.x, PCs would throw black background with white text when it crashed and it was called Black Screen Of Death (BSOD). Later, Microsoft switched to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on Windows NT. It is the unseparatable part of the Windows and these are the colors that brings fear into the hearts of Windows users for Guaranteed.

The newest version of Windows 10 Insider Builds brings a small but colorful change, Now if anything goes wrong, you’ll see a Green Screen of Death Instead of familiar Blue. The new Crash Screen was sported on a recently leaked Preview versions of Windows. The color change is specific on the Insider Previews released under Insider Program. Now Whenever bugs and crashes are reported, Developers will be able to distinguish the problems on Windows 10 Builds and earlier versions.


Microsoft has already improved the amount of info shown on the Blue Screen Of Death by adding scannable Qr code which makes troubleshooting the problems a bit easier. The Green Screen Of Death (GSOD) is not ground braking but it is welcomable change and it has made the bugs more colorful.

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