Nepal Telecom 4G

The wait for the 4G is over because Nepal Telecom has started to transmit 4G signals for Public starting today. This is good news for all of us eagerly waiting for this to happen. We have had read that 4G is coming very soon for a long time now but the wait is now over.

“We are starting 4G service in Kathmandu and Pokhara, a tourist hub in western Nepal, from January 1, 2017” said Shovan Adhikari, joint spokesperson at NT.

Nepal Telecom organized an event today at Soaltee Hotel for the Soft launch of 4G in the presence of different officials. Information and Communication Minister Surendra Karki started the event. At the first stage 4G is only available on two major cities of Nepal namely, Kathmandu and Pokhara. Nepal Telecom (NT) will be providing 1GB of data for 4 Days, this promotional offer is only for the users who subscribes on this month. Nepal Telecom didn’t say anything about the launch of 4G for all customers.

On the initial phase Kathmandu and Pokhara will get 4G

Currently, NT’s Post Paid users only has access to 4G

As of now Nepal Telecom only provides 2G and 3G services, 4G will not be a vast different technology as it Data only. Some country uses Voice over LTE for phone calls but here the phone will go to 2G or 3G for voice calls.

If you are a NT’s Post Paid user, live inside the valley and want to use 4G you just need to do is insert the post paid SIM in a 4G enabled device and Dial *444#, now you are ready to go. You will receive 4GB data as a promotional offer having validity of 4 days.

Nepal Telecom has around 13.3 million active GSM subscribers including both PrePaid and PostPaid users who uses 2G and 3G both. NT has no any data representing how many SIMs are compatible for fourth generation network and how many are not. It will be a challenging job for the officials to distribute compatible SIMs according to the demand.

Talking about the speed of the 4G, officials claim 30Mbps will be the minimum speed you will be able to surf, But according to different conditions you will be get around 20Mbps as the user increases the speed will start to fall. Once the Data is consumed you will be charged  Rs. 1/MB exclusive of Government taxes all the data rates and packages are same as 2G and 3G for now. Once the initial phase is finished which will take around 3 months new rates will be applicable.

For the initial phase the two cities i.e. Kathmandu and Pokahra will have 4G, They will be expanding their services to further cities on coming months.

Ncell had also applied for the approval to introduce 4G but unfortunately due to their income tax dispute Government has kept all the new licensing pending for them until it is settled.

For now tell us if you are excited about 4G? Does Your device support 4g?

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