Nepal Telecom 4G

Nepal Telecom has launched 4G around a month ago on a Press conference. It was launched particularly targeting two major cities i.e Kathmandu and Pokhara and only limited customers were able to take the advantage of that, to further encourage the customers to use 4G also did provided free subscription and free data pack of 1GB for 4 days.

But, Due to the incompatible Subscribers Identification Module (SIM) many users were unable to take that advantage and were limited only with 2G or 3G, the main problem was greatest number of users didn’t have compatible SIMs. And it was only available for PostPaid users. Luckily, from last Saturday 4G is accessible for Prepaid users.

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4G will be available all over Nepal till end of October

4G For PrePaid Users

The the 13th anniversary of Nepal Telecom (NT) they have announced 4G service for its PrePaid customers. 4G/LTE also known as Long Term Evolution is now not only limited to PostPaid customers but also to PrePaid users. But unfortunately 4G has not expand beyond the first cities of launch i.e Kathmandu and Pokhara other cities is still left out. An official said that 4G will expand all over Nepal till the end of October. If you are a PrePaid user then you can use 4G from your 4G compatible Phone and SIMs. You your SIM is incompatible, you can visit the nearest NT Office and replace it with U-SIM by paying the required fee. Till the end of January 50,000 Postpaid users have joined 4G of around 3,50,000 users.

iPhone users can subscribe to 4G

All the iPhones in Nepali Market above 5 series can now surf 4G on their phones. NT issuing a press statement said that, 4G can now be used from all the models of iPhones by applying for the beta versions from here. By applying in the program you can get the software updated that can enable 4G on your handset. For more info click here.

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