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Re-launch of Nokia 3310

Re-launch of Nokia 3310

One of the most durable cell of phones ever is set for re-launch. The Nokia 3310 was originally released back in the 1000’s, at the beginning of the rise of portable cell phones. The phone is set to be re-leased in late February by HMD. The Finnish manufacturer currently has the exclusive rights to market the Nokia brand.

During the original release of the 3310, it was sold as a phone that gets plenty of battery lgeekynepalife in an indestructible body. One of the other perks of the cellular device was an addictive game called snake, which became popular in the early 2000’s among owners of the phone. According to independent, the new version of the phone will be revealed later this month at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Despite the wonders of today’s smartphones, with their 4G internet connections, touchscreens and endless choice of apps – the 3310 still holds a special place in many hearts.

The 3310 is expected to sell for a little over $60.

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