xiaomi mi 6

Yesterday Xiaomi launched their latest flagship smartphone, on a press event in Beijing, China named Mi 6. It is the latest flagship of Xiaomi which again packs powerful hardware on relatively affordable price.

Xiaomi Mi 6

What sets this phone apart from its predecessor is it’s metal frame and glass that wraps curves along all four edges. Those who are expecting this phone to go brezelless just like Mi Mix will be disappointed and also any one expecting a headphone jack.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Color Options

Mi 6 has a 5.15-inch FullHD display and packs latest Snapdragon 835 SoC on-board which is Currently the most powerful processor of Qualcomm. It is the Second phone that comes with Snapdragon 835 processor after Samsung Galaxy S8 nad 8+. It also packs 6GB of RAM and comes with 64GB of storage and surprisingly Mi6 has 128GB storage option and RAM is set to 6GB default. Following the latest trend of flagship phone Mi 6 also has a dual 12MP camera one acting as wide-angle lens and other of double the focul length which gives apple like camera abilities like Optical Zoom. USB Type C is available which is fast charge compatible and the battery is rated  3350mAh.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Optical looseless Zoom

It all points to a phone that should be competitive, performance wise with the highest end phone of the year. It packs all the things that it takes to be a flagship but we can only comment about it when we get to use it. All these specs are pleasure to look at but the real concern is what will the price in Nepal, it’s clear that pricing here will be higher compared to international market as usual but how high? We have to wait to see it. For now Mi 6 is priced at 2499 yuan (about $360) for a model with 64GB of storage, and 128GB model will cost 2899 yuan ($420); that makes it a little more expensive than the Mi 5, which started at 1999 yuan. A Mi 6 variant with a ceramic back panel and 128GB of storage will sell for 2999 yuan ($435).

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