Otto Chekr

Couple of days back Otto launched their new Phone that did something different then a typical phone would. It is probably the first device of its kind in Nepal that carried such feature, what made this device different is its ability of measuring Blood Sugar Level and count the steps that you take.

Otto Chekr, Launch event

Organizing a press event on Kumari Hall, Hotel Annapurna Otto Phones launched Otto Chekr. It can make calls and take notes just like a typical phone what it does different is Measure the Blood Sugar Level and deliver the results on real-time, this will cut the time that Diabetes patients waste by visiting Pathology labs. All this is made possible with the collaboration with Bio Land Technologies who produced the Lancing Device which is certified by FDA.

Otto Chekr with Accessories

Checking your Blood Sugar level is quite simple, You just need to pierce the finger with the Lancet and place the blood on the test strip and insert the strip into the Otto Chekr, just after the few seconds your Blood Sugar Level is displayed on the screen. All of the needed tools are included in a seperate box which will be provided to you on the purchase of Otto Chekr. The box includes a lacing device, few lancet and some glucose test strips.

The phone has 2-inch display, powered by 1500mAh battery. All the tasks are handled by MT6261D chipset. It also has wireless FM radio and a dedicated Facebook app for Facebook lovers. For crisp audio experience external K-power amplifier is also included on the phone itself. 

If you love early morning exercise and often jog then this device keeps you covered by keeping track of the steps that you take with the help of a pedometer.

Specs of Otto Chekr

  • Screen Size : 2.0 inch landscape curved glass display
  • Chipset : MT6261D
  • Speaker : 2030 BOX, external K-power amplifier
  • Battery : 1500 mAh
  • Key USP : Blood glucose meter
  • Weight : 119g
  • Dimension (mm) : 118.5 x 56 x 16.5 mm
  • Band : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • Color : Red, white, black
  • Additional Features – Wireless FM, dedicated Facebook app, pedometer

Otto Chekr is exclusively available in Kaymu for Rs. 3,496. The phone is available in three color options Red, White, Black. Accessories includes – Charger, Battery, Bioland Blood Glucose Test Strips, Lancing device, Blood Lancet.

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