Daraz Shake That A**

You might be thinking! Has Daraz gone Crazy? But, No. Daraz really wants that. Daraz’s new Shake That A**, Campaign might be interesting and offending at the same time to peoples. But, certainly, those two missing letters have grabbed huge attention. After all, we know what were you thinking for the first time you tried to fill in the gaps.

Shake That ‘APP’. Yes, it’s an app and the new year offer looks amazing. As the campaign is ‘Shake That App’ we guess it might use your phones Proximity Sensor to detect you shaking the app. And the Discounts, Gift and Discount vouchers will be rewarded to you.

Daraz Shake That App promo

Daraz is coming up with ‘Daraz Nawa Barsha Dhamaka’ offer for this Nepali New Year 2076. The Shake Campaign will start from 8 April to 12 April. So, Don’t forget to catch up on your phone and Shake as hard as you can.

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