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Guidance on hygienic lockdown for your car

It seems that the prolonged layoff from the pandemic of coronaviruses will continue this year, ensuring that our cars are parked longer than usual and used very rarely. We offer some tips on maintaining a car in good condition, with the advice of the Nepalese government to stay at home and only to take the time to do so for specific, critical purposes.

Notable points include the use of adequate protective clothing to remain safe during vehicle cleaning. In this case, gloves are identified as essential. Still, they may not become effective if they are not disposed of correctly immediately after the sanitation is finished, or if you touch their faces during your wearing.

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While the owner should wash their car’s interior and exterior thoroughly, try not to use too much water in the car. There are not typically any different cleaning items to be looked for; all you need is a household bleach-free disinfectant or even just a soap, and paper bags. But it is necessary to avoid bleach as it can damage plastics and paints. Due to their anti-glittering coatings, touch displays may be affected by household glass cleaners. A better alternative is regular soap and water.

In and outside of the car, you clean all touchpoints, including:

  • It is crucial to use the driver area because the steering wheel and control switches are commonly used.
  • Clean front passenger areas such as handle switches, music player switches where customers touch the most.
  • Seat belt straps are often ignored during the cleaning process.
  • The first contact point for any vehicle is external car handles. The first point of contact for a car is outside handles because most do not think that germs can be transferred from the handle.
  • Clean areas like the bonnet, engine tank, oil cap, fluid cap, spare wheel bay.
  • Car keys with several other essential keys are often attached to the keyring and are used every day and collect dirt, bacteria, or viruses.
  • Wear surgical gloves when driving is also recommended. Have a couple of latex gloves in the car just so that you are ready for any emergency.

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Sanitizer is one of the safest and readily available items to use. However, Sanitizer is not appropriate for leather seats, so if you own a car with leather seats, it is essential to use individual leather cleaning items.

Now you are aware of how to maintain a car in good condition during this lockdown and boring time. Kill your time by taking care of your beautiful car.

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