Friday, May 17, 2024

Apple says goodbye to physical home button in new iPhones

The new Apple iPhone that will be presented in all likelihood, in September, will no longer be equipped with a physical home button. Instead of a physical push-button, Apple is working with a pressure-sensitive trackpad.

Apple is finally saying goodbye to the home button of iPhones and iPads after 9 years. The button that is broken by many users in recent years will be replaced by a pressure-sensitive trackpad, much like the trackpad that Apple uses in its MacBook laptops.

The introduction of the new generation iPhone, which is still unclear how they will be called, is expected in early September. If the rumors are true, the new devices from Apple will be available in stores in the first country in mid-September. For now, the name ‘iPhone 6SE’ and ‘iPhone 7’ resemble to be the most obvious names for the new devices.

In addition to details about the home key, a site confirmed some other rumors on the basis of its resources, that have already cropped up several times in recent months. For example, the new iPhone will no more have the 3.5mm audio jack. Apple could exploit this space for a second speaker. Headphones can be connected directly to the lightning connector in the future, possibly by means of an adapter.


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