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10 best Android Apps for Student

There was a time where mobile phones were used to make calls between people but now smartphones have capabilities to do many things just then a phone call. Most of the students own a smartphone and the probability is, it runs on Android. So, we have brought the list of apps that can actually help you.

The 10 best android apps for the student that can help on the day to day work are:

This app is used by millions of people(student). This app helps us to keep the list of the things that are to be done. We can even use its account to synchronize all to-do lists in all other devices that we own. We can also remove or check tasks that have been completed and we can also place the widget in home screen to view the tasks instantly.


If you are afraid of losing your important notes or coursework than this app comes handy. Dropbox is online cloud storage service which allows us to keep almost all the files like our documents, photos, even videos so that even if you mistakenly delete it or the hard drive dies it will remain safe on the cloud and can easily be accessed from anywhere. Student, as well as other people, can use this app as online storage.

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As we know college student has many things on their minds, and they have different interest and liking. So, it’s very difficult to memories each website, blogs, groups or forum and this is where this app has an advantage. Students can use this app to keep track of all of the news and happenings using RSS feed. It brings all the news from different places in one place.


Most of the time students forgets about their tests(exams). Thanks to this app studio, which will help you to remember about the test that is going to happen soon. So we just need to do is, have to enter data like time, subject, date and name of the professor and it will give notification about that test.

It is one of the best apps that I suggest for you. This is not just a random ordinary dictionary app, which is available in the play store. You will love its features once you have downloaded it you can easily find the meanings, synonyms, antonyms etc. You need to have a data connection to use this app or you can even download the entire dictionary in your phone for offline uses.


TED is an application that has all business experts, educators, computer geniuses, music legends, and many other interesting people in it. This app is full of knowledge for students. You can check TED Videos on youtube.

7.RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you have an android smartphone then now you have the most advanced scientific calculator in your pocket. You can do all of the computation using this app which is done by traditional scientific calculator.

8.Google Drive

This is a cloud storage service by Google. It is same like Dropbox which we have mentioned earlier but will have some additional features. It has more storage space and you can also open files like docs, ppt using google’s own services so that you don’t need to install the client-side application in all case.


Its is the best app for student and to other folks who want to learn new foreign languages. This apps teach you new words and make ready to give test for different languages.


I think this app will be best for the student if you want to take their notes using their smartphone. Using this app student can take photos and can convert these photos into pdf which is a portable format and it improves readability.

So these are mostly used android apps for students. If you like you can share these apps with your friends and classmates.

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