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100% Working Trick to Make money Using Android Phone

Whaff Rewards: Earning Money by Downloading Android Apps
Whaff is a money-making application and Whaff Rewards is a promotion application, where producer or programmer are paid for the Whaff. Users who download their applications through Whaff. There a lot of tasks that can be done by all Whaff user and Whaff will give rewards to their user who has done the task. There are a lot of making money apps for an android device or even iPhone, but for me, Whaff Rewards is one of the best money making apps for Android.

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It is not a scam. It will guarantee to pay for us.

Since we are using this app in Nepal we can not directly withdraw money, so we have to use friends or relatives’ Paypal account who resides abroad. So I think it will be a great deal to withdraw money because most of our friends are living abroad. So we just focused on how to make more and more money.

So here are the steps to how to download and install and start making money:

Earn Money Through Mobile Apps
Step 1:- Open Google Play on Your Mobile. Or,  click below link:
Download whaff
Step 2:- Download “Whaff Rewards” apps
Step 3:- Install this
Step 4:- Login
Step 5:- Attach with Facebook
Step 6:- Put Code:-ED71638(Most Important steps to get $0.3(rs35)  instantly  if you do not put this code you will get $0 during signup)
Then Start Earning.

If you still don’t believe, you can open the app and go to the rank button and find out how much people are actually making using this app.


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