Analogue Inc and Paschimanchal Hotel Association ties up to boost Tourism Industry amidst Pandemic


    Tourism is one of the most affected industries by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had an impact on economies, livelihoods, public services, and opportunities across the globe. However, in the context of Nepal’s tourism, travel company's entire value chain has been impacted.

    Despite Nepal’s best efforts to protect itself from the Coronavirus, the message to the foreign market has not been well communicated, resulting in daily hotel booking cancellations that have a negative impact on the tourism and hotel industries.

    Additionally, Nepal is taking every precaution necessary to put breakouts under control so that tourism industry does not see much loss and resume booking services sooner. Both Hotel Association Nepal and the Visit Nepal Year 2020 Secretariat anticipate full collaboration and support from the Government of Nepal, the Nepal Tourism Board, and other interested authorities in order to minimize the consequences of the Coronavirus in the national economy.

    In the meantime, to support this cause, Analogue Inc has made a strategic alliance with Paschimanchal Hotel Association of Pokhara to provide an opportunity to reconsider organizing tourism industry of Nepal in the state of COVID-19 crisis.

    Analogue Inc is a tech and digital service marketing company that is duly registered under the business laws of Nepal. The company delivers high-end technical and digital marketing strategies and services directed towards increasing revenue by providing globally competitive marketing consultations.

    With the potential tie up between Analogue Inc and Paschimanchal Hotel association, Analogue is committed to provide digital marketing services to all the hotels under the association for an affordable and reliable price.

    Moreover, Analogue understands how the COVID-19 pandemic has made many entrepreneurs restless by hitting on their investment and bringing economic crisis in Nepal. Therefore, the team of Analogue Inc has come up with great strategies to bring back the days when booking was made often and profitably.

    For that, Analogue Inc is determined to design and configure a web-based booking service platform that can allow easy access to hotel booking even during the pandemic by taking care of all the safety measures.

    Besides a mutual agreement on all the progressive arrangements with the president of Paschimanchal Hotel Association of Pokhara, Mr. Bikal Tulachan, the Analogue team is also looking forward to offering a budget friendly web-based services to the needful. In support to build the national economy again, Analogue has announced a 20% discount to all of its web-based services provided to hotels under the association of Pokhara.

    The CEO of Analogue Inc, Ashutosh Aggarwal said, “Together let’s fight COVID-19 and create a better future by building major strategic gains and bringing the national economy to a steady point” which shows how determined the tech and digital company is to add a brick in the development of the nation.

    This alliance formed with president of Paschimanchal Hotel Association of Pokhara, Mr. Bikal Tulachan and the CEO of Analogue Inc, Mr. Ashutosh Aggarwal will go down in history as one of the strongest and well thought out strategy for the uplifting of crashing national economy.


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