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Daraz to lead Nepal into Digital era by 2022

Daraz To Create 100,000 Jobs in Nepal by 2022

When we think of a product that we need then a name arises on our minds – Daraz, We quickly pick up our phones and computers to see if it’s listed. It is because Daraz is the leader of the e-commerce marketplace in Nepal, and has done may firsts when it comes to creating values. So, is obvious to expect new schemes and offers from them.

Daraz this time has greater plans in Nepal, as they had hosted a press conference at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, highlighting the agenda on “How Daraz is Creating Change in Nepal’s E-commerce industry”. The press conference was hosted by Daraz Global CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen and Managing Directors – Lino Ahlering and Jai Kavi. The keynote speakers of the conference were: Honorable Under Secretary from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Mr. Buddhi Prasad Upadhyaya, Section Officer – Mr. Ashbin Kumar Pokharel; the Deputy CEO of Nabil Bank Mr. Anil Khanal; Samsung General Manager – IM BIZ, Mr. Pranaya Ratna Sthapit; and CEO & Founder of Sonam Gears, Mr. Tashi Chombe.

At the press conference they discussed the opportunity and threats of the current state of e-commerce in Nepal. Daraz disclosed that there are around 75000 active users in Nepal with 250000+ products on more than 100 categories, they also ship 100000+ packages every month creating 5000 jobs in Nepal.

Speaking on what the future holds, Daraz Global CEO Bjarke Mikkelsen Mikkelsen said: This is the first time we are opening up about how we see our future with everyone. We firmly believe that the digital era is on par with the Industrial Revolution. In the coming 10-20 years, digital technology will fundamentally alter many parts of society from commerce to politics to culture. Our purpose is not only to embrace this change, but to proactively create change and welcome a better future for Nepal.

During the press conference, Managing Directors, Lino Ahlering and Jai Kavi announced Daraz’s six aspirations to lead Nepal into the digital era by 2022 which are as follows:

    • To drive 100%+ annual growth of the e-commerce market.
    • Reach 20,000 active Daraz sellers (all educated through Daraz University).
    • Fully digitalize the logistics ecosystem with real-time visibility for customers
      regardless of location.
    • Engage 5 million Daraz users monthly by being relevant, convenient and service-
    • Introduce digital payments to 5 million new customers.
    • Create 100,000 thousand jobs for marketplace participants.

Daraz’s goal to change Nepali e-commerce market by 2022 seems fascinating and bold but, they have to deal with several challenges to get there. We wish Daraz all the best because it’s not only that Daraz gets all the benefit, all of us will be benefited from this.

Wait it is not over yet, Daraz has not forgotten this festive season and has got you covered. On the occasion of the upcoming Dashain Festival, it was also announced that Daraz is launching its Dashain Dhamaka Campaign from Sep 15- 30 (Bhadra 29 – Ashoj 13) where customers can enjoy exclusive offers for various brands across all categories. Following the Dashain Dhamaka Campaign, Alibaba’s global 11.11 campaign on November 11 (Kartik 25 gate) will come, which will be Nepal’s biggest online sale day.


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