Monday, September 26, 2022

Faulty Battery Broke Out Fire on Samsung Battery Factory in China

Samsung Factory in China catches fire.

Last year Samsung faced huge losses because of faulty battery on their flagship model Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which lead to fire and even explosion sometimes. Samsung recently on a press statement said, All the fire caught on Galaxy Note 7 was due to inappropriate design and power fluctuations. But all these claims seem false because a Samsung’s Battery manufacturer factory in china caught fire. It took 110 Firefighters and 19 Trucks to extinguish the fire completely.

Samsung Battery Factory SDI on fire

Fire breaks out at a Samsung battery facility in China, just as the company’s battery Woes seemed behind it. The fire was captured on camera on February 8 and widely circulated among users of the Chinese social media site Weibo. A Samsung spokesman says – the fire was small and extinguished quickly, without affecting production. He notes the facility was a waste Depository and does not produce new batteries. The facility in Tianjin China is owned by Samsung Electronics that produced the battery for Note 7. The Note 7 was infamously recalled last year due to batteries catching fire.

This caused damage to Samsung’s brand that the company’s still trying to mend.


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