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five best android launchers that are available for free on the google play store

Want to change from the stock UI of your android device. Well, here we bring you the list of the five best android launchers that are available for free on the google play store. Let’s get started.

Nova Launcher

One of the oldest launcher available. No one makes your phone look and feel in a way you want your phone look and feel. Nova launcher is highly customized. Some of its features include multiple gestures like swipe upper down pinch in or out, double-tap swipe etc. For various activities like expanding notifications, expanding quick setting, recent tab and etc. The app is available to download for free but the prime version price at $4.99 which unlocks a complete gesture set group and most scroll effects.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW2 is the successor to original ADW launcher. The main highlight over the original is to create your own widgets, home screen and app displays. You can also get a collection of template from creators around the world. For more, you can also download the ADW extension pack to further explore the customization options beyond the basic app itself. The app is free to download on play store.

Buzz Launcher

Is known for its versatile theme, rich functionality and very easy straight forward to use. You can download set apply customize share and even create home screens within a seconds. For more, you can choose a variety of templates to download. The app is free to download on play store.

Arrow Launcher

May not be the one that’s highly customization but the highlight here is to provide a functional and smooth user experience without the unnecessary blot. With Arrow, you can personalize your device so that it matches your style. Customize icon packs, home page layouts, wallpapers, and more. With the Bing wallpaper of the day feature, you will have a fresh new look every day. Arrow is available worldwide and is translated into all major languages. The app is free to download on play store.

Evie Launcher

A functional launcher. The main feature of Evie is its search capability. Besides offering the basic customization option. The main feature of this launcher is searched almost anything right from the home screen. The app is not meant to compete with the lights of Nova or ADW but if you are searching for simple yet functional launcher then get Evie launcher


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