According to the Public Notice issued by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), they are issuing ‘Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Launching satellite in the Orbital positions allocated to Nepal by ITU.

The process for the to launch own satellite has been started when NTA first issued two Global tenders today. On this tender NTA is looking for the best and reliable companies who can fulfill the requirements. United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has allocated two Orbital slot namely 50 degree east and 123.3 degree east to Nepal. The 123.3 degrees east allocation is done under FSS plans which includes 2 bands one 500MHz on Ku-band and 300MHz in C-band, other 50 degrees east allocation is done under BSS plans which includes 12 bands.

With the allotment of the Orbital slots, NTA is now inviting Expression Of Interest (EOI) to all the tasks related to launching and operation. NTA says, – “The main objectives of the assignment are to understand the international and domestic legal and regulatory framework (including ground segment) and associate modality in connection with the launching of satellite, launching a dedicated satellite and also for partnering with a satellite operator for usage of Nepal’s orbital rights, operation and maintenance of the satellite launched within the prescribed commercial terms and conditions.”


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