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NT introduces New Data Pack on Summer Offer

Feel the heat of NT's Summer Offer

NT’s mobile data tariff is quite expensive in general when compared with its biggest competitor Ncell. Recently, we have seen NT focusing on providing value to its users by announcing different Voice packs and Data Packs at a reasonable price. Following the same NT has yet again announced “Summer Offer”.

On this Summer Offer, they have included three different sets of Data Packs.

1. Happy Weekend Offer

On this pack, you can get 1GB of data per day i.e Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Rs. 100 which will be valid for 7 days from the day of subscription. To activate this offer you can dial *1415*2# and follow the instructions.

This data pack is good for those who surfs and Downloads  more because of the limited time period and more data. Usually, an average internet user needs about 2 to 5 GB of data for a month. So, if they had increased the validity it would be even better.

2. 3G/4G Pack

Data VolumeBonusPriceValidity
1GB Per DayFree Streaming For 20 Minutes per day451
1GB Per Day2507
1GB Per Day85028

To subscribe this pack you can dial *1415*1# and follow the instructions. This pack is best for people who are bound to use mobile data everyday. This pack better serves the users who are entirely depended on mobile data for their internet surfing. This pack delivers the highest value to the users as it is even cheaper and provides more data than its biggest revival Ncell even if they offer the double data.

3. 4G Pack (100% Bonus)

Data VolumeBonusPrice (RS)Validity (Days)

This data pack is only for the 4G users and it is the cheapest pack that we have ever seen, it competes with the Sahi data pack of Ncell which provides 10X more data. It is a good initiative by NT that they are focused on customers wants and providing the best value packs. To subscribe this package you can dial *1415*1# and follow the instructions.

This is another data pack which is only for 4G users but sadly all the users of NT are not yet connected to the 4G network which is a shame because as it was launched more than a year ago on two major cities i.e Kathmandu and Pokhara, yet the coverage has not reached beyond that. But Ncell has spread its 4G network to all the cities of Nepal even if they have introduced 4G after Ncell. NT’s official in a recent interview told that they are planning to reach all the cities at once. Let’s hope that NT does it fast.


What are your thoughts on New Data Packs of NT?  Comment below.


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