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Industrial vision 4.0 with the theme “Innovation.Industry.Prosperity.” launched in a event held at IOE, Thapathali campus

Industrial Vision is an ISSN 2392-4330 certified annual magazine published by the Society of Industrial Engineering Students- Nepal (SOIES-Nepal). Recently, in an event held at the Institute of Engineering, Thapathali campus on 5th May 2017, Hon’ble Minister of Industry, Mr. Nabindra Raj Joshi launched the 4th edition of this magazine. This magazine is solely focused and dedicated to the betterment and technological breakthrough in Industrial sector in context to Nepal.

In an Interview by SOIES-Nepal, Mr. Nabindra Raj Joshi, Hon’ble minister of the industry also shared the future planning of Nepal government were In five years time, Ministry of Industry is determined to significantly work on improving the industrial acts and policies which have also been one of the challenges for industrial development. Also, the main target is to create as many employment opportunities through proper utilization of Human resource which will contribute to improving the lifestyle of every Nepali.

In a recent Interview by Geeky Nepal with President of SOIES-Nepal, Mr.Bishnu Parajuli.

  • What is the main aim behind publishing this magazine?

We want to share stories, techniques, trends, and research in a way that entertains and informs, advancing the conversation and giving those in the industrial and business community a way to connect and learn from one another. It’s all about research, innovation, collaboration, and paving our way for a prosperous future, a prosperous nation, a prosperous world.

Thus, the aim circles around executing the industrial engineering strategies and building collaboration among the industrial engineering community and entrepreneurs, industries and business world.

  • What does the main theme ‘Innovation? Industry.Prosperity.’ of the magazine say?

This is not just a publication. It’s a mission, a vision. So, this is about connecting the dots for a significant change in the technical and commercial market through the industrial engineering discipline. We want to reflect significant research works to highlight innovative approaches that can help the industrial ecosystem achieve prosperity.

  • The specialty about this edition of Industrial vision against earlier volumes?

We’ve changed almost everything in this magazine in comparison to the earlier volumes. We’ve presented not only creative contents but also trending pieces of stuff like TOP TECH TO WATCH, TOP BOOKS TO READ, and INFOGRAPHICS about the key industrial sectors. We’ve presented exciting content that every reader expects in any read. The earlier volumes of this publication lacked this part. This publication details and provides illustrative content to build a culture of quality innovation in the rapidly expanding markets.

  • What are the compliments and feedbacks that you’re receiving?

Our sponsors, knowledge partners from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Thapathali Campus to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the advisory board including key government and private industrial bodies are absolutely amazed by what this publication has have come out as and presented through the classy touch. Everyone is surprised.

We have no doubt that this publication will be instrumental in promoting important trends in industrial engineering sector for all stakeholders. This publication is sure to make a major contribution to knowledge on Nepal’s industrial sector by highlighting the opportunities and challenges, and the way forward.

  • At last, is there anything you’d like to tell to the industrial engineering community and well-wishers?

We believe that the future of the industrial engineering community is poised to grow. The thing is that we should always open our hands towards significant collaborations because this is the only way towards shared growth and development.

Also, I’d like to appreciate every mind that has been involved in this idea, this publication. Thank you for your dedication. Way to go!

Society of Industrial Engineering students-Nepal is a student-driven dynamic society, collaborating with Government bodies concerned with Industry, Industrial stakeholders, Professional Engineers, and Individuals involved in Improving Productivity, Quality of Industrial Sector based on Nepal. SOIES-Nepal Publish this magazine with the main theme is “Research to Innovation. Innovation to Industry. Industry to prosperity”. Various Business houses, Colleges, and Government agencies Sponsor the Publication of this magazine. This Magazine acts as a common ground for all the experts, professionals and students for sharing their ideas and visions for the breakthrough in the Industrial sector, Entrepreneurship, Technological revolution, and Prosperity.

Event Review:-

The magazine was launched in an event held at IOE, Thapathali Engineering campus, on 5th May 2017. The Magazine Itself with Chief Guest, Hon’ble Minister of Industry Mr. Nabindra Raj Joshi was the Highlight of this event. Mr. Ishwor Chandra Baniya, Campus chief if IOE, Thapathali campus, Mr. Sudan Neupane Department Head of Industrial engineering, and representative of various Business Houses were the special guest at this launch event. The event started 1 hour late than scheduled due to late arrival of Minister but a lot of positive energy about Innovation and prosperity can be taken from the launch event of the magazine where experts and Individuals from different Business houses and colleges shared their perspective and Ideas for a New revolution in the sector of Industry in Nepal. The overall event was pretty well-managed by the Students of Industrial engineering.

Industrial Vision is a result of a commendable effort by the students for bringing different concerned sectors together in common ground for finding optimal and practical solutions for a common goal, Industrial prosperity, and Economic Development. This magazine provides good positive vibes and ideas for the future of Industry. The magazine covers many aspects in different field like- Smart Manufacturing, Industrial Re-Revolution, Production Planning and Development, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, Industrial applications of Nanotechnology, Data Centers in Industry, Importance of Systems Engineering, Quality Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Mechatronics, Automation, Supply Chain Management, IT Management, Energy Audits and Optimization, Industry Ethics and Environmental Laws, Marketing Trend, Scope of Digital Marketing, Role of Social Media in Advertising and Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

According to executive committee members of SOIES-Nepal, “It is delivered to almost every Business houses, colleges, and Private and Government agencies concerned with the Industrial sector in Nepal“. Many of us would love to get our hands on this magazine but due to limited printed copies of this magazine, It isn’t available in the market. But you can get the online copies of magazines for FREE. The magazine is finally launched online. You can get your copy of Industrial vision 4.0 online here.

Read online: Industrial vision 4.0

You can also know more about the events and programs organized by SOIES-Nepal by clicking on their Facebook page or visiting

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