Monday, August 8, 2022

Pokemon GO loses 15 million active users in just one month

Ever since the game came launched, Pokemon GO has been a runaway success throughout much of the world. The game had been topping app charts on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store for numerous weeks and still holds the top-grossing app crown for the time being. All of this success has been surprising but it might not come as a surprise that the hype seems to be dying.

According to an article by Bloomberg, Pokemon GO is on a steady downward trend. The game had close to 45 million daily users in the middle of July, yet Axiom Capital Management and app analytics group Apptopia have shown that Pokemon GO has dropped to around 30 million users in just one month. Niantic, the primary company behind Pokemon GO, has struggled to patch and refine the game since its launch. Players currently can only catch Pokemon, visit “Poke-stops” to stock up on items and visit “Gyms” to battle Pokemon belonging to other teams.

Pokemon GO supposedly has more in-game activities coming, including Pokemon trading and local player battles, but there is no word on when these features will be added into the game (or if they even will make it into the game). As a result, many players seem to be burned out on the limited capabilities of Pokemon GO.


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