Monday, August 8, 2022

Vianets leak of data exposes more than 170 K people – the biggest major security hack

Calling the leak “one of the biggest records to date-more than 170,000 data have been revealed”. Hackers were able to retrieve usernames, email addresses, mobile numbers, etc. It’s actually published on the dark web.

A hacker called “नरपिचास” said that they stole data from Vianet Communications, one of Nepal’s leading ISPs, and posted the hacked data on Twitter. “The data were really nice and well organized,” the hacker wrote, who unveiled the customer information.
The entire data link that has been compromised is hosted on the Onion network. The file can only be accessed via the Tor Browser.

vianet-hackThe officials of Vianet Communications conducted an internal investigation into how the incident happened and notified relevant authorities. Nonetheless, no official statement on this subject has been issued from Vianet as we are waiting for the same thing.

This is not the first time that Nepal has faced an incident involving data breach. FoodMandu had been the first victim of data theft in March 2020 for the year. More than 50,000 customer data were published on the dark web.

We may conclude that the organizations’ have failed to “make appropriate security steps to secure individuals ‘personal data.” The stolen information is extremely sensitive personal data and confidential data.

It is not difficult to imagine the possible humiliation, threat a customer may suffer if such confidential things about the detailed information of the customer have been made clear to all. Check your data has been compromised or not?


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