Wednesday, December 6, 2023

How to Copy text from Pictures in Android.

Sometimes documents and important messages are available only on Image form and if you need to copy the text then there is no alternative then to type it. So, we have came up with a tutorial from which you can easily copy text from images by using a simple app. With the help of that app, one can easily scan out any document or the image within the app and the app will scan all the texts in the image and give you the respective text from it.

Steps to copy text
  1. Download and install the app that lets you scan and copy the text from picture from her.
  2. Install and Launch the app. When the app is installed you will get two options one to scan the image from gallery or to click the image and scan it
  3. After you choose the picture, now select the language of the text on the picture.text and img
  4. Now click on text recognition and the app will start to search for the text. After some moment the app will complete the scan and the text will be available for copying.

That’s it you are done. We hope that this tutorial made your task a bit easier.


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Keshav Chhetri
Keshav Chhetri
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