Sunday, November 28, 2021

Viber offering free Viber-Out calls.

Viber had played an important role in keeping people connected during the time of earthquake in Nepal by offering free Viber-Out calls. A few months ago on the occasion, Nepali New Year Viber had offered more than 50 sticker packs worth Rs. 10,000 for free especially to Nepalese Users.

According to the Viber plans to expand its presence in Nepal with more local tie-ups and local language-based services, they have come up with free calls to any mobile number. The free calls are available for 52 different countries including Nepal.

To make use of this offer one should have a Viber installed on their phone and working internet connection. Users can make free calls from Nepal to mobiles and landlines of different 52 countries including Nepal. The offer is limited for 10 minutes, all call will be disconnected and requires a re-dial after 10 minutes. The call can be made between 8 Pm to 10 Pm from 6 September 2016 to 19 September 2016. Users will not need Viber credit to use this service.

To make calls, Open the Viber app on your phone, select the contact of the person that you want to call and then click on the Viber-Out button. If the person you want to call doesn’t use Viber, on a problem you can still make free calls. You just need to open the phone no. dialer present on the calls tab on the bottom right corner, and simply dialling the phone no. on the international format and simply call.

Now you can enjoy the free 10 minutes calls on Viber. The call duration is limited to 10 minutes and after 10 minutes the call will be disconnected automatically. However, One call re-dial after waiting for another 10 minutes.

Did you make you of this offer by Viber? let us know on the comments.


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