Monday, October 2, 2023

Sri Lankan President’s website Hacked to Postpone Exams

Every day hundreds of website are hacked. Nepal Bureau Of Standards and Metrology’s, which is a Nepal Government’s website was hacked a couple of weeks back, we had reported on a post. This time Sri Lankan President’s website has been hacked.

A group named Sri Lankan Youth hacked the website of Sri Lankan President to get enough authorities that they can postpone the Exams. A 17 years old teenager is arrested for hacking, the site was hacked a week ago. They demanded that A-level exams which were going to be held in April be rescheduled because the exams were on the same date with Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The group also posted a message showing protest about new exam times and called on the president “to take care of the security of Sri Lankan websites or… face a cyberwar”.

“If you cannot control the situation, hold a presidential election,” the message said, along with a call for the president to “stop the prime minister’s irresponsible work and look more into the problems of the university students”.

The message was soon removed after it appeared with a notice that the site was down for maintenance. As soon as the website was up after maintenance it was again hacked.

The student of 17 is arrested under the act of the Computer Crime Act. He successfully hacked the website and delivered the message but, faced a fine of $2,000 and up to 3 years in jail.

Lately, several government websites have been hacked and the latest example has forced people to question why the security of the president’s website was so insufficient that it could be easily overpowered by a teenager.


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Keshav Chhetri
Keshav Chhetri
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