Friday, June 2, 2023

DDR5 RAM Will Offer Twice The Power Of DDR4

Next-generation DDR5 RAM will double the speed of DDR4.

Many people are still using DDR3 RAM and DDR5 is ready to hit the streets. DDR5 is expected in 2018 after four years of DDR4. With daily changes in technology, it proves that nothing stays forever. When it comes to speed and performance memory used to be one of the important factors in a computer.

JEDEC announced this week that DDR5 RAM assures to be more power-efficient and will offer double the bandwidth than DDR4. JEDEC is an organization which defines new standards in the field of computer memory. However, specifics of the DDR5 RAM has not been mentioned. This chip is going to be demoed in June and maybe finalized by 2018.

While this could sound exciting, customers shouldn’t expect to urge their hands on DDR5 RAM till the year 2020 or later, because it will take many years for makers to update their processors and chips to support the new customary. Within the case of DDR4, it absolutely was finalized in 2012, however, didn’t become wide obtainable till 2015.


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