Sunday, November 28, 2021

Shop and Save on Daraz’s Mobile Week

Daraz's offering to beat this summer heat

As the temperature is rising this summer, all of us are looking for ways to beat the heat. And here, Daraz wants to lower the heat on your pockets with the introduction of ‘Mobile Week’ Daraz will be offering massive discounts, Discount Vouchers, Mystery Box.

The main attraction of this Mobile week will be discounts on your favorite Brand’s Phone. They will be providing heavy discounts and also bringing exclusive phones on sale this Mobile Week. Phones from different top brands will be featured on the Mobile week on unbeatable prices. Apart from mobile phones, Daraz is up with a discount on almost all of the range of the products that they have.

Also, the new payment methods have also been introduced, you can now shop and save making payment via your Debit or Credit Card.

You can pay online through the Debit or Credit Card of your bank and save an extra 25%. To make payment online you first must contact your bank and request to activate your card for the online transaction. You do not need to worry about the security or the card being hacked because of all of the two-factor authentication system which will send you passwords that can only be used once.

Daraz has also provided a feature from the Shake Shake Campaign that grabbed the attention by storm. On this mobile week, you can shake your phone at the specified time to grab the free gift vouchers and discount vouchers. They are also providing the Mystery box, Discount Vouchers.

They have also added the new feature on which you can add the things that you wish to buy on the wishlist and Daraz will notify you about the ongoing or upcoming best deals on the product. So, now get yourself prepared for the Daraz’s upcoming deal “Mobile Week”.


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