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Hackers breached Nepal’s Official domain registrar

The Platform for Internet Domain Registration (.NP) in Nepal was hacked on Monday 13th April 2020 and hackers obtained unauthorized access to their server. They currently operate .np domain for 25 years and offer free service to individuals and businesses, according to Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. Mercantile, Nepal’s official domain name registrar, has 83,000 domains to close. Turn by turn, We are getting news of data breached, threats to leak data and hacking website in Nepal. It’s not been a long time that Vianet data was breached.

Mercantile has already taken some more steps to protect your account. They also mentioned that new domain registrations have been temporarily suspended until further notice. Mercantile requested not to disclose any information which violates the server’s privacy and to delete any data if obtained.

“Our preliminary investigations suggest that all other .np domain services remain uncompromised and as such, continue to operate without any further breaches.”

It is not the first time a security incident has been revealed on Mercantile. The company’s suffered a major hack in July 2017.

Such a hack may sound fairly minor, but domain name registrars sell names of websites such as and allocate IP addresses to them. As such, they’re an integral config on the internet — if an attacker manages to change a domain name, they can take control of a whole website.

What affected customers should do now?
As a precaution, impacted consumers are advised to update their Register account passwords and any other online account using the same credentials.

Use it even if you’re not affected — only to be on the better side.

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